Hiiii! Anime, manga, gaming and cosplaying loving, misplaced Irish gal, living in the US!

It's been a while, but here's a brand new photoshoot with me as Maki Nishikino from Love Live, in the cheerleader outfit she wears from the single "Takaramonozu / Paradise Live" #lovelive #maki #makinishikino #cheerleader #cheer

It's me as Yuna from Final Fantasy X ! The photos were taken at MagFest 8.5 in 2014, which was one of my favorite photoshoot locations and venues. This was cosplay with a whole bunch of scavenging and repurposing! The obi sash includes curtain pulls, braided rope from Home Depot, and jigsaw work for the staff head. #yuna #whitemage #finalfantasy #ffx

Eruruu, from the wonderful Utawarerumono game and anime series. The healer and carer character of the series, I knew I wanted to cosplay her the moment I really got into the game; and for anyone who has played it to the end or watched the entire first series of the anime.. yes, I did cry at the end. Of both of them. #eruruu #wolf #utawarerumono

Suigintou from the wonderful Rozen Maiden series. Not only do I love EGL in general, but I love the character and her totally flawed arrogance and spitefulness are just something I don't usually go for in anime characters. Plus, well, a chance for wings in a cosplay is always good! This photoshoot was done at the amazing venue of the Mount Hope Cemetary, in Rochester NY. #suigintou #rozenmaiden #egl #gothiclolita #wings

I loved Inu Yasha when it came out, and Rumiko Takahashi in general. Kagome was my first cosplay, and while being a simple one, one I still love :) #inuyasha #kagome #fuku #schoolgirl

Pink from Dragon Pink was one of the earliest cosplays I did, though I'm still really happy with how it came out (even if it's not an overly complex cosplay!). Quick photoshoot in my garden :) #pink #dragonpink# #catgirl