Game On Expo

Original Pokémon Full Cast Reunion

This year Game On Expo will be hosting the first ever full original Pokémon cast reunion, featuring: Veronica Taylor (voice of Ash, May & more), Rachael Lillis (voice of Misty, Jessie, & more), Eric Stuart (voice of James, Brock, & more), Megan Hollingshead (voice of Nurse Joy & more), and Tara Sands Voice Overs (voice of Bulbasaur & more). Come join us on Friday August 9th for an opportunity to meet 'em all. Both Veronica and Eric will be at Game On Expo Friday only, while Rachael, Megan and Tara will be there all three days. Game On Expo is Arizona's largest gaming event and will be held on August 9th-11th, 2019 at the Phoenix Convention Center (south building). Discounted passes are still available. #gameonexpo #gottameetemall #pokemonreunion

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