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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Cosmunity and Fan Guru the same app?

It is a separate app in the app/play store, but Fan Guru is the natural evolution from Cosmunity to Fan Guru. Kinda like a pokemon!

Why the change from Cosmunity to Fan Guru?

We noticed that Cosmunity was focused solely on Cosplay. While that is definitely a super amazing part of cons, there is so much more! Fan Guru is for fans of all kinds -whether you dress up or not.

Will Cosmunity still be supported?

The Cosmunity app is currently still usable, but will not have any further updates as we focus on making Fan Guru as awesome as possible. This is why you should download Fan Guru now at

Will my Cosmunity sign-in work for Fan Guru?

Yes! Once downloaded, you can sign into Fan Guru with your Cosmunity username and password.

Will my Cosmunity profile and posts still be available?

They definitely will be! Since Fan Guru is in beta, right now your profile is available, but posts aren’t. Don’t worry, they are safe - just hiding until they are ready to make their debut! By end of April they will be there waiting for you!

Where is [insert favorite feature of Cosmunity] on Fan Guru?

Fan Guru is currently in beta to make sure everything is done in the best way possible. It will be faster, better looking and even more awesome (we are SO excited about what’s coming), but it will take time to do it right. Think about it like adding flour to your cake, you have to add a little at a time, otherwise it will be a big mess.

I see “Communities” in Fan Guru, where are my “Fandoms”?

Good news, they are there! Fandoms have been renamed to Communities to be even more inclusive!

I have questions and comments! How do I get in touch with you?!

We would love to hear from you! Email us at