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Turning Darkness to Light She-Ra: The Classic, the Reboot, & the Heroine’s Journey new autographed signed book

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A first edition signed new autographed guide to She-Ra: The perfect gift. Want it signed to someone special? Just ask. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the 2018 Netflix show, takes many characters and themes from the beloved eighties cartoon. Nonetheless, clear distinctions appear in the more body-positive, diversity-friendly modern show, that avoid all the sexualized Barbie shapes and body builder physiques of the past. More interestingly, this version blurs the lines between friends and enemies as it carries young Adora on a precarious journey to face the family, now her enemies, whom she cannot bear to leave. With this, it adapts the classic heroine’s journey for a new audience, reframing the adored characters and showcasing the stories a new generation wants to tell.

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