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Gathering of Skulls Journals - Paperback (Available in 5 Colors)


Gathering of Skulls Sketchbooks - 5.5”x8.5” HC - Pink 9781950400263, Aqua 9781950400270, Fire 9781950400287, Sunset 9781950400294, Black and White 9781950400454

Gathering of Skulls Journals - 5”x7” PB, 5.5”x8.5” HC - Pink PB , HC , Aqua PB , HC , Fire PB , HC , Sunset PB , HC , Black and White PB 9781950400195, HC 9781950400201

11x17 Horizontal Posters Also Available

These colorful skull covered lined journals and blank sketchbooks are perfect for every fan of horror, metal, and Halloween fun. Each journal features 97 blank wide ruled pages, and each sketchbook features 197 blank pages perfect for drawing or writing about creatures of the night, mystical demons, or your favorite movie monster. At 5”x7” paperback or 5.5"x8.5" hardcover, your journal or sketchbook is easy to carry with you, and your contact information can be entered on the front page so your journal or sketchbook will never be lost.

Blank Sketchbooks - 200 pages - All Ages

Blank Wide Ruled Journals - 100 pages - All Ages

Cover and Interior Art by Dalyn Viker, Interior design by Kevin Moyers

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