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Vox Machina Button or Magnet Set


Featuring Vax'ildan, Vex'ahlia, Grog Strongjaw, Scanlan Shorthalt, Percival Fredrickstein Musel Klossowski de Rollo III (Percy), Pike Trickfoot, Keyleth, Shaun Gilmore, and Trinket from season one of Critical Role. Available in custom sets of three (3) or six (6), or a full set of nine (9) - choose your set by including character names under order notes. ----- ABOUT THE BUTTONS/MAGNETS: These 1¾ inch pin-backed buttons (sometimes known as badges), are printed with an eight color ink process on matte photo paper, then hand pressed with a professional button machine. The back and pin are steel, and the front is protected by water resistant mylar. Magnets are made with the same process, but with a magnet replacing the pin. They will be shipped flat, with a display card and covered by a plastic wrapper.

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