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To Touch the Looking Glass

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For years a war-torn Wonderland has kept watch on a dusty rabbit’s hole in the hope that their brave heroine, their champion, would come tumbling down again to lead them against the rising forces of the Dark Queen. The residents of Wonderland can’t read a clock, however, and time runs out. A last, desperate hope for salvation results in the fabled Cheshire Cat being sent to the Fortress of Mirrors to find a doorway into Alice’s world. Our tale begins with the Cat’s dismay – he finds the long-lost door, but instead of fierce, wise Alice, he finds only her meek granddaughter Allyson. The Cat is left with a choice – Take this timid child to Wonderland, a place now more nightmare than a dream, and hope that some of Alice’s fire runs in her blood, or return empty-handed and smash what little hope remains? #fracturedfairytale #adventure #supernatural

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