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Scifi Fantasy Baby Names new autographed signed book


A first edition signed new autographed guide to scifi baby names: The perfect gift. Want it signed to someone special? Just ask. Did you know that Ellen is a good name for an astronaut and Emma for an action heroine? Or that dark lords are predetermined? Given all this, what’s the best name for your scifi baby? True, those more fannish than sensible might go with Darth, Zoidberg or Katniss. Crueler yet are Mekaneck, Mundungus, or Number Six. However, the cleverest fans can sneak in their homages. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is really named Elizabeth, and her boyfriends are both William. If you want a small superhero, you could name the kid Linda (Supergirl) or Lorena (Aquagirl) as well as the obvious Diana (Wonder Woman). A full range of these tributes appear within, complete with snarky remarks on how your kid may discover hidden heroism with Wesley or Susan or use your name choice to sue for independence assuming you go with Legolas or Wednesday Adams. With Asian, Arabic, and other multicultural offerings as well as statistics, this is a must-use guide for those discovering the power of names, especially in pop culture.

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