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LIMITED EDITION | The Celestial Dance Enamel Pins


The Celestial Dance enamel pins were originally created as part of a Kickstarter campaign. I designed each pin around a time of day, a flower, a metal, and an insect. Each pin is mounted on a numbered backing card and in a zip bag for protection. This is a limited edition run of 100 each and will not be made with the special glitter and glow in the dark enamel again. DAWN PIN | Kamehameha Butterfly - Plumeria 1.25" Rose Gold Metal Rubber Butterfly Clutch Gold Glitter DAY PIN | Honey Bee - Honeysuckle 1.25" Gold Metal Rubber Butterfly Clutch Rose Gold Glitter DUSK PIN | Firefly - Poppies 1.25" Copper Metal Rubber Butterfly Clutch Glow In The Dark Enamel NIGHT PIN | Luna Moth - Moonflower 1.25" Silver Metal Rubber Butterfly Clutch Glow In the Dark Enamel STAR PIN | Inch Worm - Stargazer Lily 1.25" Gunmetal Metal Rubber Butterfly Clutch Glow In The Dark Enamel PIN GRADES There are varying grades to these pins, as with all runs. Due to any B grade or C grade pins, they will be available at a reduced price. A GRADE: The primo pins with no obvious flaws to the metal or the enamel B GRADE: Some small scratches or imperfections to either the metal or enamel. Please feel free to ask to see some options if you are thinking of purchasing a B grade pin and I'll be happy to show you a few. I will always attempt to provide the best pin available in the grade you are ordering from. The Celestial Dance pin designs are copyrighted to Katherine Perry "Thimsy" 2018.

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