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Mjolnir -Mythical Drinking Flask of Thor

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The Hammer of Thor with a built in flask for those long parching convention appearances, near endless battles with frost giants, Ragnarok or just about any occasion that requires some liquid refreshment with a touch of coolness. If you aren't worthy when you begin you will be by the time you finish the contents. The hammer has a PVC capsule in the head with a PVC seal-able pouring spout mounted in the handle with either a brass or stainless steel cap. Leather wrapping is usually in brown but can be done in most any other color upon request. It weighs approximately 13 lbs. and has a 5" wide x 5.25" tall x 11 " long head made from 11 gauge steel. The steel handle is approximately 1.25" in diameter and usually around 14 " in length. The flask generally holds up to 30 oz. Slight variations can be added upon ordering but any major requests may affect the price. I will list aluminum as an option as well which will drop the base weight to approximately 8 lbs. and make it much easier to carry at conventions etc. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for browsing. *Disenchanted for mortal use.

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