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Mjolnir - Mythical Hammer of Thor


Mjolnir...The Mythical Hammer of Thor Leather wrapping is usually in brown but can be done in most any other color upon request. It weighs approximately 10.5 lbs. and has a 4.25" wide x 5" tall x 10.5 " long head made from 11 gauge steel. The steel handle is approximately 1.25" in diameter and usually around 19 " in length. Slight variations can be added upon ordering but any major requests may affect the price. I will list aluminum as an option as well which will drop the base weight to approximately 7 lbs. and make it much easier to carry at conventions etc. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for browsing. *Disenchanted for mortal use. *Not responsible for any lightning damage that may coincidentally occur while wielding hammer.

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