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Disney Snow White Evil Queen Witch Halloween Switch Plate Switchplate Wallplate Light Cover

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This is a unique item great for your office or home. I use recycled Vintage Books and Comics as my source material and I give them a second chance at a new life. This is a handmade item. It is an up-cyled image from an actual vintage book. Nothing is printed on a computer or mass produced it is all one of a kind. This is an over sized metal plate (3.5in x 5in) covered with the original image and a hard resin coating very similar to glass which allows it to be cleaned with water. It will last you a life time. It comes packaged with standard white or black screws not pictured. This picture is taken from a much abused Vintage Book. Hand placement guarantees that each plate is unique never to be duplicated. Any white spots are flash reflections and not on the actual item.

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