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Anthology Of Scrolls


The author who brought you the epic fantasy "Feylin Lore: Reflections," now brings you something totally different. This single-author anthology contains the following subject matter: Magical libraries, ego-eccentric gravity experts, O.C.D. people, scary stage shows, dirt-poor romance, spirit guides, calming yourself down, moment stealing harpies, corrupt elections, gluttonous cake eaters, evil doppelgangers, drunken incoherence, circles, cross dressing witches and warlocks, catching up with the past, antiquated technology, treasures in the trash, brain surgery, irreplaceable loss, gangbangers and their dogs, comic books that contain bats and/or wolves, the murder of relatives, revengeful ex-girlfriends, changing fact into fiction, magical smartphones, facing your unfiltered fears, severed lizards and dangerous Christmas gifts. 28 shorter works by P.A. Wikoff accompanied by photographs he took to add a visual aid to each literary piece.

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