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Everybody's new level 10 Xhorhasian upgrades! Featuring Jester Lavorre - pastry hungry tiefling cleric, Caleb Widogast - thoughtful and morose human wizard, Fjord - half-orc warlock to a watery near-deity, Nott the Brave - alcoholic goblin rogue, Yasha Nydoorin - fallen aasimar barbarian of a wild tribe, Beauregard Lionett - reluctant human monk, Caduceus Clay - tea loving firbolg cleric of the Wildmother, and one ever amazing DM from season two of Critical Role. ----- ABOUT THE PRINT: Printed on heavy, digital photo stock and with a pigment ink process, this art print will not include the "" watermark. 8x10", 11x14", and 11x17" prints will be shipped flat, backed with acid-free illustration board, and in a protective, archival safe plastic sleeve. 13x19" and larger prints will be shipped rolled in a plastic poster sleeve, in a sturdy cardboard tube.

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