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The Harrowed Half-Breed


Magic has been slowly fading from the enchanted forest ever since the greedy humans invaded. The native feathered-folk were kind in sharing their homeland, but peace couldn’t last forever. Conflict stirs while Barne, half human/half native, is stuck in the middle. Trapped between two worlds he must try and find himself before choosing a side. In a world where he never really belongs, Barne searches to find his smile through all means necessary. But there’s a dark secret that holds his happiness hostage… In a world of swords and sorcery, darkness and despair, nothing comes without a price. About The Tarnished Lands: In the aftermath of the utopian regime that ruled for over a millennium, famine, chaos, murder and deceit reign in lieu of balance. The pendulum now swings in favor of disorder. The fierce strong-arm the weak, cowards lurk in the shadows like rats, and the wicked take everything that’s left over. This is no longer a place for good intentions, this is a place of survival.

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