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The Exposure Coin® - Liberty

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Pay your favorite creative professional with The Exposure Coin® plus actual currency. Because exposure does not actually pay the bills.

Liberty features a portion of the Liberty Skull by Master Engraver/Die Carver, Ron Landis! The "value" is on the reverse. While we're super thrilled to be one of the lucky merchants with this die, it's tricky to use with our coining method and we don't want to wreck it! Many won't be made and they will go QUICK! Each coin is packaged in an acrylic case. We say obverse and reverse to point out that there are two sides to each coin, but as novelty coins and not actual currency, those labels are pretty arbitrary. ~1.25" diameter. Handmade in our very own shop! Learn more about The Exposure Coin® at The Exposure Coin® is a registered trademark of Vetervesti, LLC.

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