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Removeable D20 Pendant -- METAL DICE


Carry your favorite D20 around anywhere! When those important dice-roll moments happen simply open the clasp and you're ready to go. These are made of surgical stainless steel and hang on an 18 inch chain. Made to fit *any standard D20. We have an assortment of these ready to go with dice in lots of colors -- including METAL dice. Please specify when ordering which color you would like to order. If no color is specified, we will email you to choose your D20; your item will not ship until a color is selected. Images provided by dice suppliers. *Some variation in dice is to be expected. If the cage does not close around your D20, don't force it! Forcing the cage to close will warp the rings and damage the cage. Try rotating the dice slightly to reposition the corners so that the clasp will fit. (The purple enamel D20 pictured not available for sale.)

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