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Faux Paperback Novel Cover - Feigned Innocence (Drusilla and Spike)

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When Big Bad, vampire power couple Spike and Drusilla showed up in clut-classic TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it was to be remembered. As a fan of the show and vintage pulp novel cover art, I've paid illustrative homage to the two-parter with a faux paperback novel cover. What will happen to Sunnydale while the Slayer hunts these two fan favorite vampires? Now you can show off your BtVS and vampiric love with this art print. 6x8 Archival print on watercolor paper. All prints come signed by me, the artist. Prints ship flat, bagged and boarded, and in padded envelopes to insure delivery in the best possible condition.

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Mike Collins

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