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Mighty Nein Button or Magnet Set


Featuring Jester Lavorre - pastry hungry tiefling cleric, Caleb Widogast - thoughtful and morose human wizard, Fjord - half-orc warlock to a watery near-deity, Nott the Brave - alcoholic goblin rogue, Yasha Nydoorin - fallen aasimar barbarian of a wild tribe, Beauregard Lionett - reluctant human monk, Caduceus Clay - tea- and fungus-loving firbolg cleric, Mollymauk Tealeaf - mysterious tiefling blood hunter, and Kiri - the little kenku girl who is very sweet - from season two of Critical Role. Available in custom sets of three (3) or six (6), or a full set of nine (9) - choose your set by including character names under order notes. ----- ABOUT THE BUTTONS/MAGNETS: These 1¾ inch pin-backed buttons (sometimes known as badges), are printed with an eight color ink process on matte photo paper, then hand pressed with a professional button machine. The back and pin are steel, and the front is protected by water resistant mylar. Magnets are made with the same process, but with a magnet replacing the pin. They will be shipped flat, with a display card and covered by a plastic wrapper.

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