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What I am: An illustrator and storyteller. The two are intertwined for me; storybook and cover illustrations are my first love, with comic art and animation coming a close second. I love the deceptive simplicity of the Zen aesthetic and of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, the crisp clean lines of ink on paper, shapes and pattern. I don’t like telling people what they should see in my work; I believe that every piece should tell its own story without outside interference. Where I’m going: I currently do tattoo commissions, original illustrations, logos and other work, both personal and professional. Along with this and the usual collection of tag-ends of a hundred unfinished ideas, I also exhibit my work yearly at several local Pacific NW conventions.

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KuroNekoCon is an anime, gaming, and Japanese culture convention based in Spokane, WA. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation Kuroneko Cultural Association seeks to promote the understanding of Japanese and other Asian cultures through the use of traditional and contemporary media, with particular attention to popular entertainment media such as animation, comics, games and their related subcultures.

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