Mike Collins


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Once described by actor Nathan Fillion as has having “actual talent,” Mike Collins has spent the last 15+ years working in Television Animation. As an artist with a focus and experience on 2D pre-production, he is currently a Prop and EFX Designer. He sometimes freelances as a Color Designer. And formerly, he was an Assistant Designer, specializing in digital Clean Up of Backgrounds, Characters, and Props/EFX. He has worked for Cartoon Network Studios, OddBot Inc., Six Point Harness, Bento Box, Rollman Entertainment, IDW Publishing, DreamEast Pictures, Atomic Cartoons, DreamWorksTV and Netflix Animation. His spare time is split between his family and personal projects. He loves a large variety of things but spends a lot of time inspired by vintage pulp novels, old movies, and comic books. A lot of his personal work is mashing all of his favorite TV series into Faux Novel Covers or Kid Book Versions. Here is where you will find such items.


Hallo-WhedonCon Online


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An affordable online fan event raising funds for the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Al Wooten Jr. Youth Center. A full day of frights, fandom, and fun is coming to a screen near YOU! Gather with fans from all around the world to celebrate the talented casts and crews of your favorite shows with a day of virtual panels, Q & A's, cosplay contests, trivia, games, and even private meet-and-greets!

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