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See you at Degrassi Palooza!

Howdy, fellow narbos! As suggested, I thought I would introduce myself to the community so I might know some people when I get to Degrassi Palooza in June. I've been attending Degrassi Tour events since they began close to two years ago. I've been a Degrassi fan most of my life, and can't even begin to suggest how much fun I've had at recent screenings, on bus tours and meeting cast members. Looking forward to meeting like-minded broomheads in June! If you're catching up on episodes before the Palooza, please feel free to visit my Degrassi Digest blog site for quick reviews when I manage to find the time to write them: Also, check out my Geek Cred site, as I tend to write about Degrassi and other stuff there: Looking forward to meeting some of you in June!

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Finding New Friends

Hey all, I know a few of you are coming to the event solo like my friend HeatherPDA I would love it if all you Narbos and BroomHeads would be so kind and offer a hand of friendship to those attending solo. I think this event should be experienced with someone and I know Degrassi has some of the friendliest fans. So introduce yourself and you can by using the app arrange for ”meetup” at the show. 🤠👍

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