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41st Annual Superman Celebration

Allan Perry


How was Allan Perry?

Dr. Alan Perry has loved to draw and paint ever since high school, and has loved comics (especially DC comics) for even longer than that. He had no formal art training, except for one art class in college, and developed his techniques and styles through studying and emulating the works of others and through trial and error. An educator with a doctorate in school improvement, Alan taught English literature and journalism in Georgia for 30 years until retiring in 2009 and moving back to his hometown, Etowah, TN. While he was teaching, he had little time for painting and only did it sporadically, every few years, looking forward to the day he could retire, so that he would have plenty of time to devote to his favorite pastime. But soon after he retired, he was asked to teach at his college alma mater, Tennessee Wesleyan University, and he became a part-time professor for five years. He also enjoys acting in his hometown’s community theater, the Gem Players and working in his church, where he serves as chairman of deacons and church clerk. Alan’s favorite subjects to paint are comic book characters, especially superheroes and villains, and in particular Superman and Batman and the characters associated with those comics. He also enjoys painting cartoon characters and those from movies and television, pop culture, and his favorite works of literature. He started selling his works in arts and crafts shows and on Ebay a few years ago, and began appearing at comic book conventions with Professor Perry’s Emporium of Painted Personalities. This is Alan’s fourth year to be a guest artist at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. To see Alan’s works of art, visit his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/professorperrysemporium.