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Q & A with Aaron Dismuke

Friday, Feb 7 - 8:00 PM - Friday, Feb 7 - 8:50 PM
Panel Room 3


Let's get to know each other. I'll start. I play Magic, League, Fallout, Undertale, and have dabbled with Tarot Cards (if not actual alchemy). I'm a fan of Death Parade, Sword Art, Mushishi, Code Geass, Made in Abyss, and at least half of the shows I've been in. I'm not quite vegetarian, but I sometimes pretend to be. I used to build road blocks, have hosted a murder party, and have been to a(n admittedly shabby) Fallout Shelter. Sort of. So yeah, Aren't I interesting, but like, in a relatable, not trying too hard, way? You noticed, right? Senpai?... Senpai?!


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