Mars: Transforming from a Point to a Planet with Emerging Technologies
Saturday - 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Room 211ABCD

Mars has a twin. One Mars is a dusty red planet, full of volcanoes, canyons, ice, and rocks. The other Mars exists in our imagination. It is the home of ancient civilizations and future adventures. It is our escape from the challenges of home and our motivation to explore. Mars is both a real place and an increasingly less blank slate for our dreams. Every day, the work of scientists, engineers, artists, and storytellers are bringing these worlds together to make our dreams a little more real. Our future in space will depend on making Mars into a real destination while preserving the inspiration that drives our efforts to get there. We explore how emerging technologies, science, art and storytelling are merging the real and the fantastic to create a pathway to the stars. Moderated by Jason Lederman, Popular Science ● Andy Weir - author, The Martian merged the real science and experience of Mars with the humor, pain, and innovation that is uniquely human. The story showed the captivating power of a realistic human journey to another planet. ● J.R. Skok - Scientist, SETI Institute, Made of Mars, AstroReality. Mars geologist working to map the rocks and resources of Mars and use Augmented Reality to share this data with everyone. Working to turn Mars into a real place in the minds of the public while developing the technology to explore and settle the planet. ● Dr. Kitty Yeung - PhD Physicist, Manages the Microsoft Garage program. Communicates Space and Science through Fashion Tech. ● Dr. Yvonne Cagle (astronaut)



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Associated Guests

Jason Lederman
Andy Weir
Best known as author of The Martian and Artemis