IKKiCON 14th Annual


Renaissance Austin Hotel | Austin, Texas


6:00pm - 5:00pm

IKKiCON is a Japanese Animation and Pop-Culture Convention held annually in Austin, Texas. IKKiCON traditionally runs for three days during the beginning and/or end of the calendar year. We pride ourselves in bringing together the most amazing anime and pop-culture fans and guests to enjoy our events, panels, and workshops. Since 2006 we’ve been working tirelessly to offer the best experience for our attendees, guests, and staff. We are proud to be fan-run, fan-made, and will always put the community first to ensure we have the most successful convention possible.

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IKKiCON 14th Annual

My kurapika cosplay for Ikkicon 2019!

Made over 70% of this cosplay from scratch! Loved the people and all the amazing events orchestrated by the ikkicon staff!

IKKiCON 14th Annual


Don't miss Hot Onesies tonight at 9:30 pm in Main Programming 1! Come get cozy in your Onesie as our Guests answer Professor Pancakes burning questions!

IKKiCON 14th Annual

Ask Cristina Almost Anything CANCELLED

Unfortunately Ask Cristina Almost Anything has been CANCELLED. We are sorry for the confusion and hope to see you at our other guest events.

IKKiCON 14th Annual

Parking Reminder

Hello Attendees, please remember to be mindful of the signage and where you are able to park. Storefronts will call tow trucks. A map of known tow zones has been posted in the Facebook group and page.

IKKiCON 14th Annual

What's up

Hey man what's up nerds I love anime

IKKiCON 14th Annual

Unofficial Meetup List?

Is there a google doc with all the unofficial meetups for Ikkicon? I couldn’t find any posts in the Event page.