Supernatural Official Convention


Plano Event Center | Plano, Texas

Grab your cowboy hats, fellow fans in the Dallas area! The Winchester brothers are moseying your way for a fabulous SUPERNATURAL weekend, Texas-style! Now in its epic 14th season, Supernatural is North America’s longest running genre series, and we’re saluting the series and stars who have meant so much to us through the years. These exciting, fun-filled three days in the great city of Dallas (specifically the beautiful community of Plano) include lively conversation, music and so much more, and give YOU the chance to see Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, in their home state of Texas, along with Misha Collins, and many other cast members from the show. The cast of Supernatural has also done so much for so many through its supportive and charitable nature, and together, we’ve all raised the bar of the typical fan convention and turned this event into something truly special. Scroll down or click on the tabs above to get ALL the details!

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Supernatural Official Convention

Enlighten me

Or remind me.. how do these things refer to SPN? A few items from a mystery box I go :) I’m assuming the tricky candy has something to do with Gabriel... I thought it was a rock salt bracelet until I saw the Bee...

Supernatural Official Convention

Jared photo op for sale

Please message me if interested

Supernatural Official Convention


Does anyone know how parking it? (Cost etc) Ty

Supernatural Official Convention

Rules on outside food

Does anyone know the rules on outside food? Or what food will be offered during the convention? Thanks

Supernatural Official Convention

What happened to the schedule?

When did they change the schedule up on here? What happened to the schedule you could interact with, where you could put up reminders and stuff? I can’t even read this schedule! Any ideas on why it’s screwed up?

Supernatural Official Convention

Question about my op

So I’d like to know if I’m allowed to give the guys stuff for the op, like giving Jensen a tiara and a moustache 😂

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