Arlene Lott



Born and raised in Toronto, Arlene loved performing at an early age. Appearing as Dorothy in her school's production of "The Wizard of Oz" at the age of 9, led her to be noticed by the producers of "The Kids of Degrassi Street" who had a production office right behind the school. An audition led to a background gig, which led to a role as Rachel Hewitt and "Rachel Runs for Office" and "Martin Hears the Music" were her first starring roles. With the development of "Degrassi Junior High, Rachel was retired and Arlene continued with the series as Nancy Kramer through to the filming of "School's Out". Having received her BFAH from York University for Theatre Design and Production, Arlene then returned to working in Film and Television joining the Art Department on "Liberty Street". Some 23 years later, she continues to work as a Graphic Designer for Film and Television and is an instructor for the Art Caucus of the Directors Guild of Canada. Born, raised, and still residing in Toronto, sheis the parent of a wonderful teen, and the founder of her own baking business where she is receiving national recognition for her craft.


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