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Star City Anime

Star City Anime


Holiday Inn Roanoke | Roanoke, Virginia

Welcome to Star City Anime, the anime convention of Roanoke, VA. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the love anime and video games at our convention. Our convention features three full days of panels, workshops, events, guest signings, dances, and more.

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Star City Anime

Great time at Star City Anime Con!

Fenris Cosplay as Tohru Dragon from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid!

Star City Anime

Congrats to JayJones your "Kiki at Night" has won our Cosplay Contest!

Star City Anime

Cosplay Chess

Stylized Collage

Star City Anime

Luffy and Law

cosplay is great!

Star City Anime

Anime fun

had a great time at Star City Anime lastnight..,

Star City Anime

Announcement! Anyone can join in on the lip sink battle. It is open to all ages. So if you are super young, a teen, or 87, come and compete! Enjoy yourself and keep it all family friendly! <3